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Mosquitos are not only annoying because of their itchy irritable bite, and the fact that they can ruin your backyard barbeque, but because they can be dangerous vectors. Mosquitos are considered the most dangerous creatures on earth. The diseases these blood-sucking pests are capable of spreading include West Nile virus, yellow fever, encephalitis, malaria, and most recently, Zika.

Mosquito means, "little fly." Three species are present in Pennsylvania - Culex, Aedes, and Anopheles. Mosquitos need water to breed. Their life cycles vary from one to several weeks, depending on the species.

The first step to controlling mosquitos is to find a qualified and certified company. In Pennsylvania, applicators need to have special certification (category 16-public invertebrate pest) to treat for mosquitos. Treatment methods can include larviciding, repelling, liquid treatments, and/or space sprays and misting. Care must be taken to choose a chemical that will not harm pollinators. Service frequency could be every three weeks throughout the summer months.

Homeowners can take the following steps to help prevent breeding on their property. Keep fresh water in birdbaths, keep gutters clean and unclogged, dispose of all containers that hold water, and eliminate standing water.

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